Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Below you’ll see the top 10 foods that burn fat, as well as foods to avoid!

As a bonus, there’s a list of “negative calorie” foods, which means that eating these foods burns MORE calories than the actual calorie content of the food — pretty cool, right?

And you’ll also see some other really interesting stats and tips for fast and easy weight loss. Make sure to read my quick summary at the end…

Diet and Calorie Count Stats


So, there’s a lot of good information here… and some that I don’t agree with.

For example, I do NOT consider “whole wheat bread” something you should consume to help “burn excess fat”. To me, that’s almost the same as just regular “breads and pastas”, which is #10 on the “bad” side. I would actually remove that off the list and if I had to pick another “carbohydrate” to replace it, I would select Yams or Sweet Potatoes.

Vegetables are always great at burning fat, so enjoy as much as you’d like. Just don’t eat them with butter and other high-calorie dressings and fats.

Protein is good for burning fat – this would include fish, meats, chicken, eggs and so forth. It is always best to eat organic meats, especially in today’s world where everything seems to be processed and full of toxins.

The real “secret” to fat loss is speeding up your metabolism by improving your fat-burning hormones.

This is why you’re able to eat more food and be leaner, when you were younger … It’s ALL about the hormones… and you can watch a short video about this.

So here’s your action plan:

  1. Eat healthy natural foods, limit processed “man-made” foods.
  2. Exercise daily – walking, lifting weights, swimming, etc. Just move.
  3. Manage your stress – sleep better, meditate, read, smile, etc.
  4. Take specific fat-burning herbs and vitamins, that naturally speed up your metabolism.

Small improvements in the above = large improvements in long-term fat loss and improved health. =)

How To Turn ON Your “Fat-Burning Genes” ยป

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