🍚 Why White Rice Is Better Than Brown Rice? (2024)

    Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

    Today’s question is from an article I wrote entitled, “Why Low Blood Sugar Can Be BAD For Your Health”.

    Now, in that article I stated how you want stable blood sugar levels – obviously, not “high” or “low”. This is important for anyone who wants to:

    • Avoid, prevent or reverse blood sugar problems
    • Lose weight
    • Have more muscle
    • Increase energy levels
    • Live a healthier, longer life… while reducing health problems and slow the aging process

    Now, in that article, I mentioned different foods to eat and avoid and I stated how you want to “eat white rice and NOT brown rice”.

    I didn’t get into the details, but I immediately got a lot of questions asking “why”. I decided to redo this topic in 2024 as it’s very important.

    MYTHS About Brown Rice

    And this is obviously a great question because most of the so-called “experts”, doctors, and nutritionists keep talking about the benefits of brown rice and that you should avoid white rice.

    And they erroneously tell you this because they say how brown rice:

    • “has more protein” — but it’s only ONE gram
    • “has more fiber” — but this is only TWO grams
    • “has lower glycemic index” and thus, doesn’t affect your blood sugar levels as much — but this too is WRONG.

    How To Lower Glycemic Index Of White Rice

    First of all, there are different forms of white rice – but needless to say, white rice can actually have a LOWER glycemic index than brown rice — depending on how it’s cooked.2

    You can read about how you can actually lower BOTH the glycemic index AND the calorie content of white rice, depending on how you cook it, in this article: A Simple & Proven Way to Cut Rice Calories by 50%.

    Thus, you can eat rice and not worry about it.

    No Benefit To Brown Rice

    Anyway, as you can see there’s really no benefit with brown rice, compared to white.


    In fact, these so-called “experts” fail to mention how brown rice actually has MORE calories and carbs! … NOT good if you’re trying to lose weight or keep your blood sugar stable, right?

    The REAL Problem Of Brown Rice

    But, here’s the REAL problem with brown rice and how white rice is better AND safer for you.

    Phytic Acid

    Brown rice has Phytic Acid, which is an “anti-nutrient”. Phytic acid is a compound located in the rice bran – the part that gives brown rice its color.

    In fact, this is true with most other “whole grains”.

    Simply stated, phytic acid grabs on to important minerals and inhibits the enzymes we need to properly digest proteins and starches.1

    Food Allergies

    If you’re suffering from any food intolerance, allergies, sensitivity, or GI distress symptoms (bloat, gas, etc.) despite healthy eating… it could be the whole grains that you’re eating and it’s better to switch to eating white rice.


    This is also because whole grains, such as brown rice, contain dangerous lectins.3

    And most people are allergic to lectins which cause inflammation in the body. And if you’d like, I can also do an article about the toxicity of lectins.

    White Rice Benefits

    And you don’t have to take my word for it or even the scientific facts. Just stop and think about it yourself.

    They give WHITE rice to infants, NOT “brown” rice.

    All the cultures around the world – eat WHITE rice, not brown — Asians, Indians, Latins, Greeks, Italians, etc.

    White Rice

    Anyway, I hope you get the point by now.

    I’m not saying that now you can eat all the rice you’d like. I’m just saying that your carbohydrate source should come from white rice, rather than brown rice or whole grains because of the Phytic Acid and Lectins.

    If you want to learn more about supporting healthy blood sugar and losing weight, make sure you read these articles:

    As always, thanks for reading, and have a happy and healthy day!

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