🚀 Best Food For Boosting Your Testosterone, Libido, Muscle & Fat Loss For 2024

I get asked often if there’s one food guys should be eating more, to increase their testosterone, so they can build more muscle, boost their sex drive and libido, and even lose fat.

Some will ask if it’s a red meat or some rare special protein or protein powder or amino acid combination?…

Red-Meat boost testosterone

Others will ask if it’s some exotic herb or fruit from the Amazon jungle or something rare like that?…

Or maybe it’s a certain amount of carbohydrates since carbs cause an increase in insulin and insulin happens to be one of the most anabolic hormones in the body.

Of course, these are all important macronutrients… but they are not the best for increasing testosterone.

Ironically, almost nobody ever asks or mentions the best food being, dietary FAT!

Yup, eating fat is the key to increasing the king of all hormones, your testosterone levels — both total and free testosterone levels.

Any Kind of Fat…?

However, not any type of fat.

In fact, most of the fats people eat these days, such as the “seed” and “vegetable” oils – do the opposite – they can LOWER testosterone, cause negative hormonal changes, and increase inflammation.

All bad things for your health – how you look and feel.


So yes, fat IS the most important macronutrient and I did a short article about this topic a while back, which reveals the exact type and form of fat you should eat daily and how to even cook it for maximizing your testosterone and optimizing your hormones.

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