🧔 How To Increase DHT For Muscle & Beard Growth In 2024

Today’s question is from a previous article I made entitled, “Why Increasing Testosterone Can Be BAD For You, Unless You Do THIS!”.

So the question that was posed is: “How can I increase my DHT for more muscle gains and beard growth?”

Just a quick summary, DHT stands for DiHydroTestosterone. It’s produced from testosterone, through an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase.


So the more 5a-Reductase enzyme you have, the more of your testosterone gets converted to DHT – which is also a male androgen.

Both men and women have it, but men have it in higher amounts.

Does DHT Increase Muscle Size?

However, DHT does NOT produce very much muscle size at all.

The primary androgen/male hormone in skeletal muscle is testosterone, not DHT. And this is because DHT gets quickly deactivated at the muscle receptor by another enzyme called 3aHSD (3alpha-hydroxysteroid reductase).1-3

testosterone and muscle size

So, increasing your DHT will do nothing for increasing muscle size.

It will increase strength because it stimulates your Central Nervous System (CNS) and also increases aggression.

It will also make your muscles “harder” because it lowers estrogen levels.1-3

DHT Accelerates Hair Loss

However, what DHT will do is increase body hair growth — including facial hair and beard. But keep in mind that it will also accelerate hair loss if that’s part of your genetics.

DHT and hair loss


But if you still want to increase your DHT, you’ll need to ultimately increase your testosterone because the more testosterone you have, the more there is to “convert” to DHT.

The rest is controlled by your genetics.

Also, aging increases your 5a-reductase enzyme, and thus, the older you get the higher your DHT levels. But unfortunately, it lowers your testosterone.

It can get a little complex, but I have a great video about this topic that I want you to watch. You’ll discover IF you have low testosterone and how you can increase it naturally.

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