5 Proven Tips To Eat What You Want During Holidays & NOT Gain Weight

Did you know that statistics show that most of the weight gain for people happens around the holidays?…

So, today I’m going to reveal 5 proven, simple, and easy to implement tactics that’ll allow you to still enjoy your holiday eating, without gaining any weight.

Or at the very least, minimizing the weight gain.

By the way, what you’ll discover today you can use at any time when faced with some social event that’ll tempt you with lots of yummy foods — whether it’s the holidays, birthdays, parties, and so forth.

And we’ll start from the minute you wake up in the morning.


The first thing I want you to do is to skip breakfast and not eat in the morning or even at lunch. Like a mini intermittent fast.

Go ahead and have some coffee or tea and of course as much water as you’d like. Do not go to some coffee shop and get a 300 calorie coffee.

skip breakfast

No sugars or calories. Thus, continue the fasting.


After skipping breakfast, I want you to exercise. This is for two reasons:

  1. I want you to burn some extra calories.
  2. More importantly, I want you to improve your hormones, which will allow you to be able to eat more food later, without it converting to body fat.

Ideally, you would go lift some weights and thus, do some resistance exercise. These can be dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines, or even your own body weight.

Do this for at least 20 minutes.

If you don’t want to lift weights, then go for a brisk walk.

weights walking

Remember, the more muscles you use, especially with your lower body, the more carbs you can eat and the more calories you’ll burn.

And please don’t tell me you don’t have the time or desire or whatever. Just go for a quick walk at the very least. Go make some phone calls while doing your walk or listen to some of my YouTube videos and feed your brain.


After your exercise session, continue with the fasting, and just drink water. IF you’re hungry, drink my special, appetite suppressant, anti-aging Lemonade.

water with lemon

It tastes great, it’ll immediately turn off your appetite and it’s good for your health. Here’s another link to the simple recipe.


Now let’s pretend you’re going to the holiday party. You haven’t eaten anything all day. You may or may not feel good – this depends on the person and it varies from one to the next.

However, I do NOT want you to show up to the party starving. Because the minute you start to smell the yummy foods, your stomach and brain will turn on and you’ll want to eat everything in sight.

Instead, pop some mints. And not the sugar-free ones. Just take one regular, sugar Altoid.


It’s just 5 calories. But the tiny bit of real sugar will feed your brain and the peppermint will turn off your appetite.

If you get hungry again, just take another Altoid. Again, it’s only 5 calories – however, it’ll prevent you from going nuts and eating everything in sight.

5. Take A Carb & Fat Blocking Fiber Supplement

Now, about 30 minutes before you eat your meal or you begin “feasting”, take a carb and fat blocking supplement. Yes, there are special fibers and herbs that actually BLOCK the sugar, carb, and fat calories from being absorbed.

And what’s not absorbed, won’t turn into weight gain or body fat.

The solution I take is CHEATmeals. It has the most potent carb and fat blockers, plus digestive enzymes to help you digest the big meal you’ll be having.


IMPORTANT: Enjoy Your Meal & Don’t Stress

Finally, when it’s time to go to eat, enjoy yourself. I don’t want you to feel guilty or stressed about the foods you eat.

Try to practice some self-control and don’t eat so much that you feel bloated and sick. This includes what you drink.

And if you eat too much, no problem. Go for a walk after your meal and then the next few days, eat less food, and try to walk or exercise a little more.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Just make better and healthier decisions for the rest of the week and get back to your regular, healthy lifestyle.

Remember, getting stressed out will cause negative changes in your hormones and will quickly cause weight and fat gain.

The holidays can be stressful times. So, don’t add to it by being a jerk to yourself or others.

Be kind, smile, be appreciative, and be grateful for what you have.

Please visit the special link. I wish you, your family and friends a very happy and healthy holiday season.

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